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Would you download a human?
By “me”.
I am upset, after watching ioerror's 30c3 talk about what governments techniques exist to monitor humans. And not only what they can do, but what they actually do.
It seems like there is no boundary to the greed of data collection. And data exists, as long as you have an online identity, it is unavoidable, you will leave data traces, and your footprints will be collected. Does cryptography help? No. Because people are lazy bastards, and any institutionalized usage of encryption is breakable by the producer of the the device.
We are open, we are readable, as the air that we breath is flowing freely. As freely as every move and thought of Assange is monitored in his prison in London.
Now do we care. That’s the question.
Partially. We want to choose to have some of our information not available to others. E.g. one girlfriend might be upset by what one does with the other. Or similar things. So we want to control information, to not hurt others or ourselves. To keep a facade, of either being interesting, or to protect people from incompatibilities.
So what happens, if data acquisition is used as currently? First, government computers will know every single detail of you. But, as information flows and cannot be contained once it exists, in some years, not only governments will be able to monitor anyone, but why would it not happen that anyone can find out anything about anyone? And why would that not be easy, since its very convenient to have this information at your finger tip? If your traces, actions and live history are accessible, e.g. as overlay in an augmented reality, what will happen? (no, I will not reference google glass or similar, it only will be an intermediate step in augmentation)
You will know, this girl has the hotz for me, but is scared, you will know, this guy tried to strangle somebody once. My boss actually hates me. This person adores me.
Ultimately, it will lead to the case that one is defined by his previous traces, that one might to be fixed in the appearance by the stuff one has done, and not the plasticity of what one could do in the future. Well, that's the case already, but it will be much stricter. If you do this or that, everyone will know. Do you want to proceed? But will anyone care anymore? Or would people open up, and forget about the past, and focus on options?

Maybe not, because living in such a world would require to let go of his own mistakes, by neglecting other peoples mistakes. And this would lead to chaos as actions have no impact anymore, and required sociological rules that make living in groups bearable enforce punishments.
How would it be to be a sparkling individual in such an environment? Well, you have to be extreme, very very, to be outstanding, to be recognized, but everybody else is as extreme. Or maybe, anyone will be very equal. Who knows. Individuality will be rewritten, maybe even the concept is void.

Now if we go on, and increase computer performance. Not only traces humans leave are data, but actually, the whole being. Would you download another human? What would it change on your own self definition? What happens if you flip a bit, was a different bit flipped earlier in “you”? Would you hack yourself? And in which way, whats the goal for the outcome? To be constantly happy??

Do we need boundaries? Do we need space, or is it possible for humans to mindmelt in groups?
What will be the effect of the decreased distance of humans to the porcupine dilemma? Will we hurt us constantly? Or will there be a way to cut our needles, and cuddle constantly? Or will we stop being close in huge groups, because knowing everything about everyone can only work in smaller groups?
What will love be like, is it possible to love somebody who you know fully? Probably not. Will you care about anyone but yourself, if what anyone defines you as is yourself?
Or will the porcupine dilemma be unfixed and cause for the case, that we respect privacy, and do not go down this road?
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