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January 25 2015


December 31 2014

Doku hier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEF9JwH5NtY

Ich würds ja mit Keksen erklären. Zu Weihnachten gibts 5kg Kekse. Wenn man die isst, sind sie weg. Mann muss neue machen. Aber das herstellen von Keksen ist langsam, das Gertreide muss wachsen, usw. Erdöl gibts auch nur alle paar Erdzeitperioden, weils so langsam entsteht, und wir zu schnell knabbern.

November 12 2014

October 31 2014

October 27 2014

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Cura sliced

October 23 2014

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smooth stubilizer mount 20141023075730

October 12 2014

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DIY Sugru experiment.

October 07 2014

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squiggle vase2

June 07 2014

May 11 2014

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My anti oozing algorithm was implemented using linuxcnc +beaglebone. Just like I proposed yesterday at the 3d printer talk session of the linuxwochen wien.
The quite old Algorithm Proposal is here...
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May 05 2014

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WANT: A 2d plotting widget in QT, possibly using QWT, that features a grid with tiny blur that gets brighter closer to the corners, simulating acceleration/deceleration of the electron beam close to directional changes, see top, screenshot from "2001: A space Odyssey". Then also the actual linegraph should be a bit blurred (no, not anti-aliased, but blurred), and get brighter if two lines overlap. This is e.g. used in the rigol scopes, see lower image, it emulates that in analog plotting the electron beam stays longer in some regions.
Of course with zoom/unzoom and mouse interaction options, similar to gnuplot.

Font: Microgramma, optional only, as screen readability is not superduper.

May 04 2014

I actively tried to get two female speakers and failed.
Its not easy, honestly. An, no, I did not try to get them because they are female, but because they do awesome stuff.

April 18 2014

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Blinkenlights Hooping.
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March 30 2014

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