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Slicing->Antipatent idea notice for prior art reference.

Recently, I did loads of testing printing with larger than nozzle diameter.
up to 300% flow e.g., its quite nice, and even creates nice surfaces.
So I figured, this could be a solution for the problem of printing walls with a thickness of 2.2* nozzle diameter d.
While the normal slicer leaves a gap of 0.2*d, kissslicer (i think) does the same, and fills the 0.2 afterwards.
BUT: what a slicer could do,
change the paths a little bit inward (e.g. 0.05*d) and then extrude in both walls more, so that each track is ~1.1*d.
This could also work dynamically, to e.g. create wedges and other shapes, It only requires a sufficiently slow printing speed, where the additional pressure actually then results in a time-close output of the filament. Meaning, on 40mm/sec on an ultimaker it should work, with 100 probably less so.

it of course is totally possible that such an idea was previously patented, but not to my knowledge.

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