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Dear decission maker for Atten power supplies!

I really enjoy the price/quality ratio of your products. However, one of the problems of your devices is the firmware. There is room for improvement.
If you had better firmware, you would sell much more devices.
But how can you do this without spending research and development money from your side?

There are many many programmers out there, who are willing to improve your firmware for free. The only prerequisite is that you would publish the firmware as open source, i.g. GPLv3 or later.
By distributing the firmware source code, programmers all over the world would be enabled to create a better, improved firmware, even after your product development phase is finished. Leading to a large community of users. Not to speak of the media hype.

An example for this was linksys, who  in completely different cirumstances published their firmware as open source. Now they sell much more devices, because its an important feature that the firmware is open, improved, and also improvable in the future.

It you would allow this for your power supplies, it could be a unique selling point for your devices, which are perfectly aimed at many many makers/producers out there.

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